Standard Prices and Image Sizes

Prices of Image Downloads

Small (500 pixels)                              $4.00

Medium (1500 pixels)                        $10.00

Large (2500 pixels)                           $16.00

Original (up to 4256 pixels)              $20.00

The pixel measurement is the longest side of the image. 

 A 500 pixel image will produce an image that is often useful for web purposes and emailing.  It usually produces an image in the 200 to 500 kb range.

A 1500 pixel image will produce very good prints of 5 by 7 or smaller sizes.  It usually produces an image in the 1 mb to 2 mb range.

A 2500 pixel image will produce very good prints of 8 by 10 or smaller sizes. It usually produces an imge in the 3 mb to 5 mb range.

Original size images will give you the most printing options. Images are usually in the 5 mb to 10 mb range.

Original size images that are larger than 2500 pixels will produce excellent 16 by 20 and larger prints, as well as, smaller prints.


Prices of Prints  (Prices include shipping throughout the United States but not sales tax.  There is a $12 shipping fee to addresses in Canada)

Prints are availabe in glossy, matte, lustre or metallic.  Lustre produces a satin like finish and is my favorite for most printing situations. 

Images are printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper. This paper has an extraordinary color range and state-of-the art image stability.

4 by 6                            $5.00

5 by 7                           $15.00

8 by 10                         $20.00

Wallet Size                   $20.00

12 by 18                        $30.00

16 by 20                       $40.00

Wallet Size includes 8 uncut, 2.5" by 3.5" photos printed on an 8 by 10 sheet.

There are nearly an unlimited number of options for print sizes and surfaces available.  Please contact me at or 203-615-3567 if there is something you would like that you do not see here.